Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Deal on Stayfree Pads, Mentos Gum and Crest!

CVS has a deal going this week where if you buy 1 pack of stayfree pads, you get 2.00 in extra care bucks! The only thing that makes this deal better is that there are some clearanced pads for 2.33. That means you only pay .33 for a pack! If it happens like it did with me, one kind rang up 1.56. That means they paid me .44 to take the pads! Great deal if I do say so myself! Why not check your CVS and see if they are doing the same? Check under the extra care buck tags to see clearance tags!

Also, do any of you have lots of those Mentos gum coupons hanging around? They were for 1.00 off 1. Right now, the mentos gum is 1.69 at CVS. If you buy 3, you get 1.00 in extra care bucks. Use a coupon on all 3 and you score the gum for about .33 per bottle. My kids love this gum so I figured it was worth it!

Also, they have some crest toothpaste that ends up being .88 after extra care bucks. I had coupons for 1.00 off. Makes it into a money maker!

Happy shopping at CVS this week.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Free Vaccum Cleaner!

I just scored a free vacuum cleaner on amazon.com by using the infamous SWAGBUCKS! I have been saving and finally got enough to buy one that I think will work well. You too can get free stuff just by searching the Internet through swagbucks. Just use swagbucks instead of google! You can usually win 1-2 swagbucks daily just by searching and sometimes the "swag guy" even gives out free codes for free swagbucks! It's well worth it! I have a new vacuum coming!!! :)Sign up here today and begin your search! I'm sure there are some prizes you would love to score too!