Friday, January 30, 2009

It happened sooner than I thought!

Okay, I reached the 45 swagbuck goal this evening! So, now I can go claim a 5.00 Amazon card! :) Yeah for me! Go to swagbucks and you can be a winner too!

Here we go AGAIN!

Okay, I am at 42 swagbucks. You only need 45 to get a $5.00 Amazon card. I have already recieved $20.00 in amazon cards and will get enough swagbucks to get this on hopefully in the next couple of days. By the way, I have only been doing this for about a month and a half!!! Go here to sign up so you can begin earning swagbucks today! All you have to do is search like you normally would in google! The only thing that is better about this one is that you get paid to do it!!!! Now, hop to it!

To Sweeten the deal, type in the code BeMine once you sign up to get ANOTHER free swagbuck!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do you like this and get help from it?

I was just wondering if there is anyone out there that actually gets help from this blog and feels that it is worth my time. If so, I would appreciate a comment! :) Helps me to know I am not just doing this for fun!

Free Hello Kitty Mousepad

Go here for a free hello kitty mousepad. Thanks to Mimi's Jewel Box of Treasures and Tips for sharing this.

Sorry, this deal seems to be gone! I got it but now it is no longer there.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Betty Crocker Coupons.

Go here to find some Betty Crocker Coupons. These include:

"SAVE $1.00 when you buy THREE any flavor Hamburger Helper® Microwave Singles® Cup, OR ONE Hamburger Helper® Microwave Singles® box OR Chicken Helper® Microwave Singles® box

SAVE $1.00 ON TWO when you buy any TWO Curves™ Chewy Granola Bars

SAVE $1.00 ON TWO when you buy TWO any size/flavor Cheerios® Snack Mix

SAVE $1.00 ON TWO when you buy any TWO • Basic 4® • Chex® (any) • Curves™ (any) • Fiber One® (any) • Honey Nut Clusters® • Nature Valley® Cereal (any) • Oatmeal Crisp® (any) • Raisin Nut Bran • Total® (any) • Wheaties® cereal

SAVE $.75 when you buy Kix® cereal

SAVE $1.00 when you buy any flavor Romano's Macaroni Grill® Restaurant Favorites™ Dinner Kit

SAVE $1.00 ON TWO when you buy TWO any flavor Yoplait® Kids Cup Yogurt OR Yogurt Drink"

All of the above is taken directly from the Betty Crocker Website.

Pantene Sample

Go here to request a free sample of Pantene. I know I requested one back awhile ago but this is a new one! Go get yours!

I'm back!

Okay, sorry, I have been like out of it the last little bit. Almost like fried brain, you know what I mean? I'm back though and will try to give you some offers you will love! Keep looking!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Postol Christmas Get Together

Two weeks ago tomorrow, we went to the Postol Family Christmas get-together. Here are some pictures from that. They made a ginger-bread house and of course had lots of food! As you can see, the master chef was in charge of creating the ginger-bread house!

Walgreen Deals for 1/26-1/31

Some "deals" I have found for next week at Walgreens are:

1. Quilted Northern - 6.49 for 12 double rolls. There have been many coupons out there for 1.00 off so use the one in the flyer as well as the 1.00 and it will only be 5.49 for 12 rolls!

2. Campbell's soups are .69 with in-store coupon. Use one of the many that have been around to make this a better deal!

3. I can't read the "fine print" but Reynolds aluminum foil is .89. I did not have a coupon for this last time but have got one now so will get it for free!

4. Make sure you use the buy one get 1 coupon for Walgreens cough drops. That makes them .50 per bag and you can use them at this time of year!

5. Excedrine is b1g1 next week. Go here and here to print 2.00 coupons. You should be able to print both coupons twice. I don't know the actual price on these but with using 2 coupons per b1g1 purchase, they should be really cheap or maybe even free!?!

6. Go here and or here to get a coupon for Colgate (1.00 off from 1 and it only prints 1 time). Colgate is on sale for .99 after register rewards this week so . . . free toothpaste.

7. Puffs on sale for .89. There have been some coupons circulating that would possibly make these a deal!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Free Johnson's Soap

Thanks to Amy at Frugalicious Fun for telling us about the coupon for 2.00 off from 2 Johnson's Buddies products. Go here for your coupon. Print in once and then hit your back button a couple of times to get it to print one more time. This equals 4 free soaps!!! Go get yours!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bridgeford bread dough printable

Go here to fill out a guestbook and get a .55 printable coupon for Bridgford bread dough. This works great for many things - bread (obviously), pizza crust, cinnamon rolls - the list goes on! Why not print it and get some yummy bread dough!

Bear Naked Granola Sample

Go here for a sample of Bear Naked Granola.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Print Coupons from my blog!

I now have the capabilities for you to print coupons directly from my blog. Hope you enjoy this added feature. I will try to keep you up to date with deals that go along with the coupons! Right now there is a coupon for 2.00 off Neutrogena, .75 off Big G cereals, 1.00 off Fiber one bars, 3.00 off dryel starter kit, 1.00 off Snuggle, .60 off Cheerios, and .50 off Wise snacks. These are just some of the coupons that you can print! Check it on on the left! Happy Shopping!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Go on over to swagbucks and make sure you are registered. If you are, go to "your swag bucks" and type in the promocode GreenThursday. You will get one swagbuck. Thanks to Sharon (Mom) at Our Major Moments for giving me a phone call and letting me know about this deal as well as to Sheri at Cheaper by the coupons for posting this deal on her site and alerting my mom about it! I have officially won 15.00 through earning swagbucks and am working on more! I have 41 swagbucks right now! You can do this too and earn free money!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Go over to Southern Savers for a chance to win a 2-year subscription to All You! I tell you, if you can get your hands on a free subscription to this magazine, you have won a good thing!

Free Suave

Make sure you go here to sign up for your coupon for a free bottle of Suave! This is all over the web so I really don't know who to give credit to. Wanted to make sure you didn't miss it though. Just sign up for your free bottle!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Go to Cutting Coupons in KC to get a chance to win a free subscription to all you! Great magazine and great blog. I approve of both :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Free Reach Flosser

Go here for a free sample flosser from Reach.

I Won!

I frequent a full cup quite regularly. It helps me to figure out deals for CVS, Walgreens and Tops each week. There is a link to it in my sidebar. Anyway, I have been in a contest the past couple of weeks for Tops. Whoever found the most deals at Tops over the course of that time, would get an envelope full of coupons and there is going to be 2 coupons for free items! Well, I won!!!! I am so excited. I worked hard for it and ate, slept and drank Tops during those two weeks! Got some great deals there myself so, guess it worked! I was so excited that I figured I could "brag" about it here! :) Go on over to a full cup and enter a contest that maybe you could win too!

My CVS Trip January 12

Okay, if you have a CVS by you and do not use it, it is high time you change and begin to do so! Today I went to CVS. I bought all of the things listed here and paid a whopping 3.26. The kicker is, I went with 9.99 in extra care buck and left with 13.99. That means my stuff was actually free plus, I made .74! Now, can you go wrong with getting all of this stuff plus earning 74 cents? If they pay me to take it, I will do it! Never know when a soy joy bar will come in handy!!!! The one thing that you can barely see is the throat cooler pops. They are made with honey and the kids like them! Everything else is pretty well self-explanatory! Hey, if I enjoy myself and am making a little bit of money, isn't it worth it?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Quilted Northern 1.00 off!

Go here to get a dollar off from Quilted Northern.

Scrubbing Bubbles Buy one get one!

Go here to get a coupon for a buy one get one free on scrubbing bubbles refills! This is for the automatic shower cleaner refill. Buy your starter kit at Walgreens this week for 14.99 - 5.00 easy saver plus 3.00 off found in this weeks smart source if you can get your hands on it! Then you can use the buy one get one for the refills!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Johnson Soap Coupons

This is especially for my mother and my mother-in-law. Use the coupon found here and get the Johnson's Buddies soap bars at Walmart for free! Use your back button to get 2 coupons and you get 2 soaps free!

Colgate/Palmolive Gift Pack

Okay, heres the deal. If you buy 15.00 worth of Colgate or Palmolive products, you will get a free travel bag filled with samples and coupons. There have been quite a few coupons on there as of late and I have been able to get about 12.00 worth of products free already! I think I have some for Palmolive that I bought last week floating around somewhere so I should be at my limit very shortly and have paid out very little if any! Go here to get your "rebate form!" Thanks to Shepherd's Savings for alerting about the deal!

Some Saving Advice

I have only been at this saving money thing for about a month but I have found that we are eating a lot better and everything seems to be going farther. Below are some techniques that I have found for saving money.

1. Use coupons! Even if you do not get a Sunday paper, you can get a lot of printable coupons right on the Internet. In the past, I have not used coupons because I did not use name brands and I always figured that it was way more expensive anyway. Well, speaking from experience, coupons make name brand affordable, and even many times, it cost less than the no name brand so, don't let a generic brand fool you! The best way to get the bang for your buck it to match coupons up with current sales at the store. Yes, this does take a lot of preparation for going to the store but makes it worth it. On just about every shopping trip, I come home and show my husband the item or items that I got for free using a coupon and sales! I will list some of the best coupon printing sites that I use on my sidebar. Hopefully it will be of help to you!

2. Check the "reduced meat" section. I did this just yesterday and today. I got a boneless pork roast for 1.32 a pound. I also got some pork chops for less than 1.00 per pound and 9 about 8 inch Mild Sausages for less than $5.00! Thought that was pretty good. Also, if you have a super center Wal-mart, you can get big 10-lb packages of chicken leg and thighs. Divide it up into meal sized portions and you have a great deal scoring in at between .50 and .60 per pound!

3. Watch how your prices ring up and that the coupons get taken off correctly. Classic example of this today. K-mart had shoes on sale for 5.00. They rang up 14.99. Not a good thing if you are trying to save money! I did not realize it until I was in the car at another store but hurried right back to get my money back. They were real good about it. On the same order, I was getting 12 packs of Coke for 1.67. They would not accept all of my coupons so I told the girl to take the orders off. When I got to the car, I had 2 extra 12 packs on my receipt and they were 3.67 each! Thankfully I did go back for a refund on both items for a total refund of almost 18.00. Now, I am ashamed to admit it but in days gone by before I was really working at saving money, there would be a good chance that I did not even look at the receipt and I would have lost that much money!!!! Check to make sure that everything rings up correctly!

Anyway, you are probably lucky if you are still reading this so, I won't bore you anymore. I may post other hints later but I think that is way enough for now. Try to implement some of these and be on your journey to save money!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Just FYI, if you are going to print coupons, sign up for free items or offers ect, I would suggest that you get a junk mail e-mail as you will get lots of spam. It is worth it though considering the savings! You can go to yahoo and create a Free e-mail account! Now get signing up!
Thanks to for providing the background for this blog. You can get some really nice backgrounds at this website for FREE! Makes a nice addition to your blog!

My Savings Blog

Okay, I know that some of my friends and family do not personally care about some of the deals and what not that I have been posting on my regular blog so, I decided to create a new blog - a savings blog. You are welcome to look at it and attempt to get some savings yourself! Best of luck and happy getting some free things!!!!!