Monday, January 12, 2009

My CVS Trip January 12

Okay, if you have a CVS by you and do not use it, it is high time you change and begin to do so! Today I went to CVS. I bought all of the things listed here and paid a whopping 3.26. The kicker is, I went with 9.99 in extra care buck and left with 13.99. That means my stuff was actually free plus, I made .74! Now, can you go wrong with getting all of this stuff plus earning 74 cents? If they pay me to take it, I will do it! Never know when a soy joy bar will come in handy!!!! The one thing that you can barely see is the throat cooler pops. They are made with honey and the kids like them! Everything else is pretty well self-explanatory! Hey, if I enjoy myself and am making a little bit of money, isn't it worth it?

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