Friday, January 9, 2009

Some Saving Advice

I have only been at this saving money thing for about a month but I have found that we are eating a lot better and everything seems to be going farther. Below are some techniques that I have found for saving money.

1. Use coupons! Even if you do not get a Sunday paper, you can get a lot of printable coupons right on the Internet. In the past, I have not used coupons because I did not use name brands and I always figured that it was way more expensive anyway. Well, speaking from experience, coupons make name brand affordable, and even many times, it cost less than the no name brand so, don't let a generic brand fool you! The best way to get the bang for your buck it to match coupons up with current sales at the store. Yes, this does take a lot of preparation for going to the store but makes it worth it. On just about every shopping trip, I come home and show my husband the item or items that I got for free using a coupon and sales! I will list some of the best coupon printing sites that I use on my sidebar. Hopefully it will be of help to you!

2. Check the "reduced meat" section. I did this just yesterday and today. I got a boneless pork roast for 1.32 a pound. I also got some pork chops for less than 1.00 per pound and 9 about 8 inch Mild Sausages for less than $5.00! Thought that was pretty good. Also, if you have a super center Wal-mart, you can get big 10-lb packages of chicken leg and thighs. Divide it up into meal sized portions and you have a great deal scoring in at between .50 and .60 per pound!

3. Watch how your prices ring up and that the coupons get taken off correctly. Classic example of this today. K-mart had shoes on sale for 5.00. They rang up 14.99. Not a good thing if you are trying to save money! I did not realize it until I was in the car at another store but hurried right back to get my money back. They were real good about it. On the same order, I was getting 12 packs of Coke for 1.67. They would not accept all of my coupons so I told the girl to take the orders off. When I got to the car, I had 2 extra 12 packs on my receipt and they were 3.67 each! Thankfully I did go back for a refund on both items for a total refund of almost 18.00. Now, I am ashamed to admit it but in days gone by before I was really working at saving money, there would be a good chance that I did not even look at the receipt and I would have lost that much money!!!! Check to make sure that everything rings up correctly!

Anyway, you are probably lucky if you are still reading this so, I won't bore you anymore. I may post other hints later but I think that is way enough for now. Try to implement some of these and be on your journey to save money!

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